Our responsibility to you is to impart value. Value can take many forms, including:


  • maximising a financial outcome to you;
  • speed of delivery;
  • identifying and creating opportunities;
  • avoiding and managing significant risks;
  • cost comparison to market norms; and
  • achieving a desired result.

We recognise that quality legal advice is often a substantial financial commitment and uncertainty over fees can sometimes be a source of anxiety for clients.


The difficulty with many legal matters is that problems and complexities usually only present themselves once the work is underway. As professionals, we are committed to achieving the best possible result, and unrealistic cost constraints can often hinder our ability to get the job done to the necessary standard.


Where the work we are to undertake is well-defined and follows a set process we can provide you an estimate of the likely total cost.  If at any stage the total cost is likely to exceed the estimate where possible we will discuss the reasons with you and revise the estimate by agreement.


Accordingly, whilst we utilise time recording systems to identify the cost of your work, we will always have regard to value when setting our fees. Delivering value to our clients is essential to us and so where we can present cost/benefit options to you, we will use best endeavours to do so.


For immediate assistance, contact us.


Preliminary discussions via email, phone or in person, are offered on a complimentary basis, to assist you in determining the most appropriate option for your circumstances. Once you are ready to proceed, we offer certainty around the costs involved.  


All prices are excluding gst (if any) and are for the preparation and submission of the visa application(s) only. Any additional attendances after lodging an application or request with INZ will be at additional cost based on a time incurred and case by case basis.




Visitor Visa Application (varies depending on circumstances and numbers)




Student Visa Application


Student Visa Application with partner


Student Visa Application with partner and children (no limit)




Open Post Study Visa Application


All other Work Visa Applications


Work Visa Application with partner


Work Visa Application with partner and children (no limit)


Entrepreneur Work Visa Application


Variation of Conditions




Skilled Migrant Residence Application (includes preparation of Expression of Interest and subsequent application, and includes all family members as required)


Residence from Work Applications


2021 Resident Visa Application

      - For a single applicant

      - For a principal applicant with a partner and/or dependent children included

NB: For clients where we have already submitted a residence application or EOI for you, please contact us for special rates




Family Residence Application


Entrepreneur Resident Visa Application


Investor Migrant Application


Permanent Resident Visa Application




Appeals, Complaints and Responses to Letters of Concern (PPIs)


Reviews and "As needed" consultations

 Hourly rate applies


Alternatively, please contact us to discuss more bespoke arrangements.




Our professional fees are calculated in accordance with any estimate if one is provided, or in accordance with any other arrangement we may have with you. We take into account the guidelines set by the New Zealand Law Society, including:


  • the value or amount of any property, assets or money involved;
  • the skill, specialised knowledge and responsibility required;
  • the importance of the matter to you and the result achieved;
  • the urgency and circumstances in which the business is transacted;
  • the complexity of the issue and the difficulty or novelty of the questions involved;
  • the time expended on the work;
  • the number and importance of the documents being prepared or perused;
  • the level of legal aid (if any) granted to your case.

We will charge you for any amounts billed to us by third parties (“disbursements”). These may include agent’s fees, travel expenses, legal forms, court fees payable to the Ministry of Justice, courier fees, search or registration fees payable to LINZ or the Companies Office, and Local Council fees. We may request payment of disbursements in advance.


We do not charge a generic office service charge for such items as stationery, copying and printing, postage, faxing, internet and telephone. These items are covered in our fees. We may make an additional specific charge for such items where a particular circumstance warrants this.


For a full copy of our terms and conditions, please click the button below:

Standard Terms of Engagement


There are a number of ways you can assist us in providing you with value in a cost effective manner, all of which will help us manage your file more efficiently, and while will often result in quicker turnaround and lower fees to you.


If you are prepared to let a range of our staff manage your affairs we can ensure your requirements are met by the right level of qualifications, experience and availability to do the job.  We welcome your preference for a particular lawyer and you will never be sent “down the hall” against your wishes.  However, a different lawyer from time to time may save you money and get the job done more quickly in some circumstances. This also gives you an opportunity to meet a variety of lawyers and see what style and personality best suits you.



The old adage of the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff rings no truer than in law. Timing can be everything and it is essential you contact your lawyer as soon as a problem or opportunity arises. This can often save you additional expense, and worry.




Lawyers are skilled in law and their time is not optimised if tied up in substantial administrative tasks. Whilst not always practical, these may be able to be undertaken or assisted by you, resulting in cost savings. Discuss this option with your lawyer at the commencement of our engagement.



There will be several times during our engagement that we will need to make contact with you. By providing us with a variety of communication options and responding to those promptly, we can keep your work progressing and save time.



Clear and full instructions avoids unnecessary delay, rework and misunderstanding.  Depending on how detailed your requirements are, written instructions are a useful addendum to any oral instructions, preventing the need for us to recreate in memo form.