To work in New Zealand you must hold a work visa. We can assist you in obtaining an appropriate work visa as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Have you been offered the opportunity to work in New Zealand?


If so, you will need to apply for one of the several types of work visa that are available under New Zealand’s Immigration policy.


Determining the most appropriate type of work visa requires an analysis of both the job on offer and your existing experience and qualifications.


Applying under the wrong category can result in a shorter visa, delays in becoming eligible for residence, or can even result in your application being declined, which can jeopardise your ability to remain in New Zealand.


We can advise you, and your employer, as to what category of work visa is going to be most appropriate for your circumstances, taking into consideration the level of urgency, cost and any long term goals. We will also be able to clearly outline the requirements under each category and work with you and your employer to ensure those requirements are met before any application is lodged.

How Saunders & Co can add value:

  • Advising on medical or character concerns that may impact on visa eligibility
  • Advising on the best visa options for your personal situation including reviewing job offers to ensure eligibility
  • Vetting all documentation and fully preparing your application
  • Planning the most efficient and cost effective pathway for obtaining residence status
  • Informing employers of the expectations placed on them by Immigration New Zealand

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