Are you planning a trip to New Zealand?

One of the first things to consider is whether you need a visa for such a trip.


You may be from a country that is “visa-waived”, meaning you do not need to apply for a visa, as it is typically granted as a matter of course upon your arrival. You do, however, need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority. 

If you are not from a visa-waived country, or you have unusual personal circumstances (such as health or character concerns, or you are travelling for something other than a holiday) you will most likely need to apply for a visitor visa.


What you are allowed to do in New Zealand on a visitor visa is also limited. You may undertake short courses of study of no more than three months, but you cannot carry out any form of employment. There is also a strict interpretation of what constitutes a business visitor. 


Talk to us about your reasons for visiting New Zealand, and we can advise on whether an application needs to be filed, and if so, whether a visitor visa is appropriate. Once the right visa option has been determined, we can prepare and submit the application for you. 

How Saunders & Co can add value:

  • Advising on medical, character concerns, or immigration history that may affect ability to enter New Zealand
  • Advice on how INZ's reference to "bona fides" applies to you
  • Vetting of all documentation and full preparation of your application
  • Assisting migrants with extending their stay


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