Are you planning to spend time in New Zealand, be it an extended holiday, working or moving to New Zealand? If so, you should consider the impact of this on your taxes.

Are you a US citizen who has moved to New Zealand in the last four years? Are you aware of your ongoing tax obligations in both New Zealand and the USA? If not, then join Taxation Experts, David Tzimenakis of US Global Tax and Julia Johnston of Saunders & Co Lawyers, for a FREE seminar to discuss NZ and US tax issues! 




When looking at spending time in New Zealand everyone focuses on the visa requirements so that they can enter the country.  The financial and tax aspects of such a move are too often overlooked. 


Migrants moving to New Zealand will usually retain overseas financial assets and investments and will need advice on how the New Zealand tax laws apply to these, and how they might utilise New Zealand tax laws to best structure their affairs in a tax efficient manner after their move.


Companies looking to expand into New Zealand or offshore from New Zealand will need to understand how best to structure any new venture in order to remain fully compliant but also to maximise any tax (or other) benefits available to them under the applicable laws.


We are lucky to have international tax as a specialty within the firm, and our tax team works closely with our immigration team and other professional advisors, such as other lawyers, accountants, financial planners or consultants to make sure our clients receive the best possible all-encompassing advice.

How Saunders & Co can add value:


  • Advising on your New Zealand tax position and applying any exceptions under domestic and international law to ensure you are fully informed of the tax implications of your intended stay in New Zealand.
  • Working collaboratively with our immigration team and/or your professional advisors to ensure the tax impacts of your chosen visa and intended move are fully understood
  • Ensuring double-tax is mitigated within the extent of the law
  • Advising on the tax impact of your stay in New Zealand on your foreign based assets, businesses and employers
  • Advising on the best way to structure your move to ensure tax efficiency across jurisdictions


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