To study in New Zealand, you must hold a student visa. We can assist you in obtaining a visa to study and advise on your eligibility for part-time work rights and post-study work visa options.

Are you one of a significant number of migrants looking to take advantage of New Zealand’s excellent education system?


Whether it is for primary, secondary or tertiary study, we can assist in obtaining a student visa for you or your children.


We can also advise on eligibility for part-time work rights, post-study work visa options, and visa options for legal guardians or other family members wishing to accompany international students to New Zealand.

How Saunders & Co can add value:

  • Advising on different fields and levels of study in New Zealand and how that links into our labour market
  • Planning your long term pathway for study and beyond, including work entitlements and post study visa options
  • Vetting of all documentation and full preparation of your application
  • Advise on any particular risk areas


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