To become a citizen of New Zealand you must meet the eligibility criteria. We can assist you in and guide you through your citizenship application.

Citizenship - The Final Step

Once you have obtained residence in New Zealand, the next, and final step, is obtaining New Zealand citizenship.


Residence is no guarantee of citizenship. Usually, you will need to have held a residence class visa for a minimum of five years, and have resided in New Zealand for a certain amount of time in each of those five years, to be eligible. You have also need to remain of good character in order to be eligible.

We look to assist our clients throughout their entire migration journey, and can guide you through your citizenship application as well, including seeking approval for the early grant of citizenship where the ordinary criteria are not met, if there are exceptional circumstances that justify making such a request.


How Saunders & Co can add value:

  • Reviewing eligibility for citizenship, including calculating presence requirements and the ideal timing for lodging of an application
  • Reviewing documentation and full preparation of the application
  • Making submissions on the grant of citizenship where criteria are not automatically met


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