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31 March 2021

Announcement about Skilled Migrant Category delayed… again

Immigration New Zealand recently held a webinar, with the promise that it would include an update about a number of important areas including how it intends to address the 7,000 or more EOIs currently in the pool awaiting an outcome, for those wanting to apply for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category.


At this stage, an announcement as to how INZ plans to deal with those EOIs is still pending, and is now expected to be made sometime in the future; however, there is no set timeframe for when this announcement will be made. At present, INZ is still processing applications in line with its previous programme, meaning that it is operating with the same resources and with the same decision target as in 2019.


Non-priority queue


For now, INZ intends to continue working through the queue of applications it currently has on hand, and is claiming success in making headway with its ‘non-priority’ queue. As incoming applications have ceased, INZ is now allocating SMC residence applications lodged in late July 2019.


Priority applications


Priority applications are being dealt with far more quickly, and are being allocated to a case officer for assessment within two weeks of lodgement. The criteria for priority allocation and assessment remains unchanged; applications based on employment where the rate of remuneration is twice the median wage (i.e. $51.00 per hour or an annual salary of $106,080 or more), and applications where employment is in an occupation that requires occupational registration in New Zealand.  


Partnership residence

For those looking at applying for residence under the Family (Partnership) category, INZ claims to be tracking well, and believes it is on target to be ‘in flow’ by September or October for this category, meaning that applications will be allocated to a case officer within a couple of weeks of lodgement.


For advice on your eligibility for residence under one of the above categories, or any other category, please contact us.